Tracking and positioning of mobiles in telecommunication ppt

The ways to improve the accuracy of cell identity is by reducing the total area of a possible location by dividing the cell into sectors either degree or 60 degree. It measures the direction of signal falling on the base station and measures the angle of incidence with respect to a normal and determines the position of the system. Use Two or more BSs. If the angle of incidence is changed due to any obstacle like atmospheric particles or due to scattering etc.

The determination of the system will be in error. It cannot be environments. The TOA method calc. The TDOA method assumes that the a signal transmitted from the mobile telephone at the three BSs define a set of points on a hyperbola,the mobile telephone is located at the intersection point of hyperbolas.

Position of BS defines a foci and intersection of hyperbolas defines the location of MS. Businessmanagement Emergency Colleague Childservicesand Friend trackingsafety Check for physical GPS tracking devices that may be attached to your phone. Remove any tracking software that is installed on your handset.

Contact your cellular phone company. Remove the battery from your phone. This is the only way to guarantee the phone is untraceable. Telecommunication 1 Documents.

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Telecommunication FR Documents. Telecommunication Engineering Documents. Lateral Positioning Documents.

Tracking And Positioning Of Mobile Systems In Telecommunication Networks.

Telecommunication network Documents. Telecommunication Security Documents. Cooperative positioning and tracking in disruption tolerant networks Documents. Complan Positioning Documents. Telecommunication Project Documents. Configuration of a typical mobile telecommunication network. Each area has a separate base station BS. Every BS is provided with a frequency of range to MHz. Mobile Technology includes mainly two functions namely call fixing and hands off process.

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Call fixing is process of connecting a call. Hands off is changing the BS frequency of the user.


The service provider will contact the location control center about the coordinates of the mobile system MS. The subscriber can be the MS itself. There should be an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites. GPS receivers are used in mobile phones, vehicles, marine navigation devices and military applications. Message is send at a rate of 50 bits per second.

The first part of the message encodes the week number and the time within the week, as well as the data about the health of the satellite. The second part of the message, the ephemeris , provides the precise orbit for the satellite.

Tracking and Positioning of Mobiles in Telecommunication

The last part of the message, the almanac , contains coarse orbit and status information for all satellites in the network as well as data related to error correction. The satellite network uses a CDMA spread-spectrum technique where the low-bit rate message data is encoded with a high-rate pseudorandom PRN sequence that is different for each satellite.

This is done by assigning each satellite a unique binary sequence known as a Gold code. The signals are decoded, after demodulation, using addition of the Gold codes corresponding to the satellites monitored by the receiver. The x, y, and z components of position, and the time sent, are designated as where the subscript i is the satellite number and has the value 1, 2, 3, or 4.

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The GPS receiver can compute the transmit time of the message as tr-ti. The position of the receiver is somewhere on the surface of this sphere. Thus with four satellites, the indicated position of the GPS receiver is at or near the intersection of the surfaces of four spheres. When a mobile user switches the system ON it receives the signal from different base stations, may be 3 or 4 or more. The angle of arrival method requires two or more base station for the determination.

Angle of arrival method is not an accurate method used for the mobile positioning because of its some disadvantages such as atmospheric particles, scattering etc.

The two circles C1 and C2 define a common chord L1. This method prevents the location error caused by the multi-path fading or the NLOS path characteristics. The location data processor compares the variances calculated by the first BS T1 with the variances calculated by the second BS T2 and considers that the mobile telephone is near to that BS with the larger variances and selects the BS with smaller variances as a reference point to draw the reference circle.

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  8. The location data processor selects the optimal curve reference circle for the two BSs among the several BSs, and selects another optimal circle for another BS pair, and so on. The location data processor represents the intersection points in the latitude and the longitude coordinates and transmits the position coordinates to the network and the mobile telephone.

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