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I don't even know who is paying the taxes. And I do research for a living. I live in Missouri and didn't even know about this stuff two weeks ago. I expect I will at least get a good story out of it. A couple years ago I bought a tract that had been delinquent taxes since the s. I knew of the late owner, since her husband and my great grandfather had been co-owners of several tracts. She died in the s. This property was part of something I had inherited another part of.

Anyway it had been on the delinquent list for years. If things don't get sold at a tax sale they get put on a long term list maintained by the state auditor. Anyway part of the rule was that I had to do a title search or pay for one and then supply the auditor of any names and addresses of her heirs.

I researched and sent in the list. There had to be a notice in the local paper for 3 weeks in a row as well as the heirs being delivered certified letters.

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This gave them a chance to redeem the property which they very likely didn't know they had any claim to. This woman had no children and her heirs were her sisters and eventually their great grandchildren who probably never heard of her. Anyway it took awhile for that to happen, then after the year and a half wait I received my deed. If they had redeemed, I would have been refunded my expenses.

Doddridge County is very busy these days and probably there are many "long lost" mineral owners that the office is dealing with. That doesn't mean they can ignore you. If you can find out what the local paper is probably a weekly it would be a good idea to get a subscription. And start planning your visit. The local paper is where the notice of delinquent taxes would be listed.

Also notice on intent to drill new horizontal wells. It was established in Up until about a year ago it was the only paper in the county. Therefore it is the one that has the Legal Advertisements. I live in Florida and do subscribe to the Harold Record.

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It usually, but not always, arrives here the week of publication. It can be pretty boring digging through the legal ads, but there have been a few times that I found information about things that pertained to property that I own. Evidently the State requires that certain information about property actions be published but, there is no standard format for the advertisement. Each company has their own format and this makes it even more difficult to dig through. I usually get mine on Fri. Very good information. Interestingly, the different companies put notices about horizontal drilling in different papers so to see everything one needs to read both papers.

Just looking for information or advice or both West Virginia Mineral Rights. All those questions on your list. No one asks me questions. I interpret this as: no one in my family is interested. Inside my family, what is wanted is Jolly Old Mom. This makes me nuts. There is a whole other Jane in here with Jolly Old Mom, and that one is losing it.

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I was born and grew up in La Sierra, CA, a Seventh Day Adventist college town, containing two grocery stores, a hardware store, a feed store and a blacksmith shop. You may object that this isn't the sort of town CA is supposed to contain, but things were markedly different in the '40s. Outside of the businesses I mentioned, all there was to La Sierra, CA, was alfalfa fields and an Army base, which is now the burbs of a metropolis.

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  6. Suffice to say that I grew up in an utterly non-supportive environment. I was raised a Seventh-Day Adventist, and that group, at least while I was in it, considered writing sinful. They consider almost everything sinful, everything that pleases or contents. If it feels good, you can't do it.

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    This is both the source of my fiction writing because who wouldn't want to construct a more congenial ambiance? My professional name maiden name is Jane Gallion.

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    That's the name I've always written under except for a few bits and pieces and my astrology column, "Almanac," which I wrote for two years for the Salem Herald, the Doddridge County weekly, under the name Jane Martin. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever mentioned the column to you. If anything's West Virginia, that was. A short squib about country life to open the column and then the aspects for the day, taken day by day.

    It was unique among astrology columns, because I worked with the day itself instead of with people's sun signs. I gave planting and pulling weeds, bailing hay, castrating pigs, all that country shit, and once in awhile I'd get a psychic flash about one of my readers and print that too.

    I had a great big following all over Doddridge County, but the Baptist minister didn't like me much. I kept encouraging people to carpe diem instead of hanging loose in prayer meetings. I was thirty when I sold my first book. At that time, I had three children, two yard kids and one lap kid. Denise was nine months old when I began the first chapters of Biker, but the older two were living with their father for a time. It took me three months to complete that novel, and immediately afterward I started Setups For The House, which was published under the title Stoned.

    Jill came back to live with me before Biker was finished, and William returned while I was writing "The Woman as Nigger," a non-fiction piece commissioned by a rich asshole who wanted to capitalize on all the revolutionary shenanigans that were happening right then. Why Get Married?


    Quickie and Trailer Tramp, the two collaborations I wrote with Brandon's brother Gil while we were living together, were written in a trailer park in Van Nuys, CA, and if writing a book in a tacky house trailer in Van Nuys, with or without help, doesn't qualify as Herculean, I don't know what does.

    The biggest task involved with it was preventing the kids from hearing me switch on the typer. It was like shoving a can under an electric can opener and ducking back out of the way before the cats climb up your legs. Like Garfield when Jon locks a lip over a chocolate chip cookie.

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    I worked in-house as an editor for a short while, editing a magazine called Response, which was aimed they said, anyway at women. From to or thereabouts I worked either for Essex House or Brandon House, or for a second smut publishing house called Panupubco, which did highly illustrated sex magazines. These were page manuscripts on topics like "Multiple Orgasm For Men," sex toys, oral sex, etc. It was not straight smut, but rather experimental, in that we were allowed and sometimes even encouraged to produce literature. Sturgeon was one of my culture heroes, and cost me some lumps by heaping me with praise in front of Gil.

    Poet David Meltzer also wrote several Essex House books, and novelist Michael Perkins, who wrote a fuckbook version of Dante's Inferno just to see if it could be done it could. They Essex House bunch were not real happy with humor; American smut publishers were and are essentially humorless. I was summoned into The Presence one time and instructed not to write any humor.

    Ya can't laugh and keep a hard-on. He cherished us, because we could always be counted on to turn out good, tight books in almost no time. Our record for a pager was one week. That was Trailer Tramp, a prize piece of smut. So we dedicated it to him with a quote from D. For Larry Shaw, who laughs a lot.

    Going Down was written by taking the "do-not" list I'd been given by the publisher and including every one of the smut factory taboos. The book was also intensely political it was the Nixon years, after all.

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    Needless to say, even though I sold it three times it has never been published, but I consider it some of my best work. My situation as a female artist is unique, I think, because I began my work as a writer in the field of erotica. I was the only woman smut writer in America for a good long while. There were others before me, Anais Nin and a few others in France, and plenty of them since.

    I don't think I was so much discriminated against as treated like a dancing dog. My mentor refused to allow me to use a pseudonym on my books, so I was precipitated into a spotlight that was agonizing for me. I loved the acclaim, but shrank from the conflict of being a woman smut writer, and from the spotlight that working in such a field turned on my private life. Few genres are so merciless to women as porn.