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The fictitious son of the sun, also Xos?? The poles. The meridian. The rising of a sign, its appearance above the horizon, the oblique ascension; the divisions of the equator which rise in succession, with each sign in an oblique sphere; 2 , the ascendant of a star; the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th signs of the zodiac Ai.

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A zone; usima- the torrid zone; madhya- the temperate zone; the frigid zone. Sj3SiFCj cjta varshada phala. Right ascension a , a. The latitude of a planet; 2 , curtate distance, rt sringa. The cusps of a planet, e. The transit of the sun or other planetary bodies from one sign of the zodiac to another. A crisis ai. A node. An astrological term to denote an inauspicious moment; otherwise called vishaghaiige.

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A solar day. The apparent place of a heavenly body; manda- the heliocentric position of a planet; 3?

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A tangent; k6ti- a cotangent. A cell. A bud ; a sprout.

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The ovum; -ka an ovule; -Vvvti -adkara the placenta; -asaya an ovary. A twig, a switch Tu. A sprout from the side of the stem or root.

C4 upapatra. A stipule.

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The aerial roots of the banyan, dbu. The arista or awn of grasses, esalu. A petal. LkJ ota. The stone of a fruit. The first germ springing from a seed; 2 , the top and tender part of a bamboo, used for curry or pickles, by the Hindus. A catkin. A culm or stalk. An eye, bud or germ; eos? A stump, a pollard S.

A young plantain stalk S. The corolla; — -daia a petal, kusuri. The pulp of a fruit. ZrzJj keccu. The bark of a tree, kesara. A stamen; -tamu a filament. An offshoot. A branch; kavaiu- a forked branch: ti atta- the main branch; kota- the uppermost branch of a tree; oadu- the central branch. A pod; 2, a legume S. A bulb, rtd gade. A spadix. A frond, the leaf of a fern or a palm. The kernel of a cocoanut. Ad gida. A plant. A bough; adda- a lateral branch. CO Co gone. A bunch of flowers or fruits; also Xjzodao. The putamen or stone of a fruit, cakke. The bark. A bud, a sprout; -kudi the point of a bud.

A capitulum. A bract. The heart, core, or close grain of wood. An aerial root, generally of the banyan, tantu. A filament. The external coat or bark of a tree. The core of a tree. The foot-stalk or pedicel of a flower or leaf. A glume, palea, the bract of grain; also awrf. JjS od tonde. The upper, insipid part of a sugar-cane My. JjsUo tottu. A petiole or a stalk. A fruit-stalk. The round stalk inside a plantain tree. A tube, an air vessel, fidsp nabhi. An involucre.

The net-like substance at the top of a cocoanut tree. Pollen grain; — 1 -kesara the stamen; — -kosa an anther. A leaf-bud. CO ht'fo pisu. The fibres or villi of plants or fruits. The flower of a cocoa or areca nut tree, potre. The hollow of a tree. A creeper. The pith of wood. Dissepiments, bhruna. The embryo. A tree; cagina- a close grained tree; cok- a tree past bearing S. A fruit-bud. A thorn, spine. Germination; 2 , a sprout, motu. A pollard. The claw or stalk of a petal; 2, the trunk of a lopped tree.


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A siliqule. The style; —creed. The milky juice exuding from the stem, or a twig broken off a tree. The close grain of a tree; 2, the gum or resin of a tree. The milky juice of a plant. A spatlie, generally of the areca-nut tree. Young unripe fruit, hottu. A mortgage; —8 o? Land transferred by mortgage Mv.