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Learn by industry Learn by role Productivity ideas Collaboration ideas. Get started with Groups What can you do with Groups? Next: 1. Find and join a group. Was this helpful? Yes No. Find and join a group 2. Post topics and responses 3. Dear Mike, I founded your info, very valuable. I am going to read all your articles, please continue to publish them. This is a fantastic list of tips. Thanks so much for pulling together. Would love to hear your thoughts on perks or offers. I have a client who is interested in possibly providing these to some meetup groups.

Do they work? What types of things would people look for in a perk or offer? For our group at least it was a far more effort than it was worth for the small amount that it motivated people. Of course if the perk is directly inline with the purpose of the meetup and the perk is significant that might be different.

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I just wanted to thank you for this post. I read it before starting my meetup meetup. Though it is a different type of group, I always tell people about this blog post when they ask me why my group is so successful! I just wanted to thank you for this blog post. I read it before I started my Meetup group, and I feel it made a huge difference meetup. People often ask me how my group became so successful, and I mention this post. Why is it some people who clearly have a biz related to their meetup groups are removed from the site and others are allowed to promote their biz-related events?

Hi Mike — Why is it some people who clearly have a biz related to their meetup groups are removed from the site and others are allowed to promote their biz-related events? Still very useful information and I will be using it for our first meetup! It really is a great social media platform that is growing quite fast and I have heard some really great success stories from small businesses and people just wanting to make friends. How do you deal with the socially awkward person that makes everyone uncomfortable? I am looking to start a meet-up for the company I work for Spinlister, a peer to peer bike share company.

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Do you have any tips for a choosing what day or night of the week to host a meet up? It really depends on what your members think is best. Start the meetup, gather a reasonable number of members whatever you think is reasonable and then ask them to vote on some options via an online poll. Mike At the very beginning I plan to have weekly meetups at this same locations Wednesdays afterwork 6p-9pm to professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses, with diversified professionals.

Yes, it is often very hard to find meetup spaces; that was one of my biggest challenges. What city are you located in? Hi Mike I see you can download the member list into an excel file. Have you been able to do this successfully? I found this page trying to google it but it is very hard to google anything about Meetup without just finding Meetup groups haha! I am using Open Office to open the.

Any tips? Thanks for all the tips you share here Mike. We generally use the Meetups to share online marketing advice and build our network.

Highly recommend anyone not yet doing Meetups to start. Hey, Mike, excellent column. But I have no idea what the going rate might be for Meetup help. Any idea? Any online info you could refer me to? Any thoughts? Best wishes! That sounds like something that would be better discussed in email.

I will email you and we can discuss more. If I have a meet up group say in Chattanooga and want to get a new group started in Nashville how would I promote the group to the new city. Or would I have to start a new meetup for the new city. Trying to scale down cost. Loved the tips. Mike, Great content! Hey i was thinking, what will you need from me to help me plan a successful meetup? The best I can do is suggest following the ideas above. I come from a background that says to utilize the opportunity to share info with those that are interested.

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And to make it easy. Our meetups share process information, business tools and methods to develop new products. People come to learn expertise. Is your company running a meetup? What is your company name? Then, at the party, I would talk about the monthly group and get the application process started.

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I wanted to go thru Meetup in order to get a wide spectrum of viewers and possible attendees to the kick-off. Most people who attend Meetups expect to pay little to nothing for the Meetup. I would probably use it in conjunction with other tools because they do not allow you access to email addresses, phone numbers or real names. And for a membership organization you really need that.

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San Francisco Bay area We are obviously a non-profit and we try to fairly and equally divide the actual campground fees. With members, that equals about 4 cents per month or 50 cents per year, per member.

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That cost will obviously go down as more members join. As I am completely new to this, does this plan make sense? Any advise would be appreciated. NOTE: This group had over members at one time. I have gotten one social group off the ground. The meeting space has been the most difficult part, so I will keep the rest in mind.

Great job, 25 great suggestions! Even in , I bet it all still counts the same.

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  • Great information. How many meetup i can conduct for free?

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    Will post back how we fared shortly. If you feel the name is too long or have other suggestions would be grateful for those as well. Tx for your efforts. Will revert shortly on it pans out. Where do you suggest I should put the associated web site name and link?