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Once the lien holder releases the lien against the out-of-state title, they may provide the title to the boat owner. Georgia will accept the original title or a legible copy for registration purposes. A through O. These must be completed with as much information as is known and submitted to the Agency and addresses noted at the top of each form.

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It will not be necessary to go through the "Abandoned Vessel" process whenever self-storage facilities contract with individuals and the property stored is "Specified Collateral" and the customer defaults on that security interest. Our mail-in boat registration procedures were established to meet our fiduciary responsibility to both the State of Georgia and to our customers. The P. Box that receives your boat registration application and payment are physically located at a bank processing center used by the State of Georgia so that your payment is deposited immediately upon receipt.

A scanned image of your check or money order is generated as a reference, and your boat registration application is sent from the bank to our license vendor for processing and fulfillment. If the application is complete and all necessary documents are present, the application is completely processed within 48 hours. Decals are created and mailed twice each week. It typically takes about two weeks from the time we receive your application at the P.

Box until you receive your decals, or receive a letter stating that the application is not complete or documents are missing. The State of Georgia does not and has never titled or registered outboard motors. All boat trailers must be registered with the Georgia Motor Vehicle Division. Homemade boats must be assigned a hull identification number HIN. To get a HIN, persons should initiate the boat registration process and pay for registration using the normal process mail or phone so that a record of the boat is in our system. HIN Inspections are conducted at locations statewide on a varying schedule.

Inspections will not be performed if customers have not paid for a registration in advance of the inspection. Boat owners should bring receipts for materials used to construct the boat, and any documents and correspondence that relate to the boat, boat construction, or registration process that may be helpful during the HIN Inspection that support registration.

For large boats moored at marinas that cannot be trailered, customers should call the office that handles the county where the boat is located to arrange for a HIN Inspection. There is no requirement that the boat remain registered. However, there is a possibility that the registration number on the boat may be reassigned if the registration is allowed to lapse.

Boat owners should use every effort to obtain the required supporting documents for boat registration. If all options have been exhausted, an Affidavit of Vessel Ownership may be provided by the owner of the vessel. Georgia is not a title state for vessels, and therefore does not record liens against vessel titles. Many lenders are aware of this process. The original manufacturer's statement of origin MSO or vessel title if coming from another state is not needed for the UCC process. As part of their boat registration fee, Georgia residents 16 and older who own a vessel with a current, valid registration can fish and use some DNR sites such as shooting ranges where a WMA stamp or GORP would be required to hunt small game for three consecutive days starting on their birthday.

This law change takes effect July 1, Boat owners must carry personal ID and their vessel registration card as proof of a valid vessel registration when taking advantage of this outdoors birthday bonus. Some activities require additional licenses or permits. Skip to main content. I have a sailboat without a motor. Does it have to be registered? How long does a boat registration last?

How long does it take to receive a boat registration? How do I obtain a duplicate boat registration registration card or decals? I received a letter asking for additional documents.

Can I fax or email these documents? How do I get a refund for my boat registration? Can I keep my existing boat registration numbers if they expire? My boat is registered in another state. Can I use it in Georgia? Why do I have to pay a transaction fee to register my boat? My out-of-state boat title is held by lien holder - how do I get the lien holder to release the title so I can register my boat?

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A boat has been left on my property. How do I take control of the boat abandoned vessel? Boats that have been severely damaged have a low resale value and may not be safe for you and your family. Running aground can be one of the most costly problems a boat can endure. Not only can running aground cause hidden structural damage to the boat, if environmental damage was caused, the new owner could be responsible for the previous owners negligence, as these fines stay with the boat and not the reckless boater. Unlike cars, boats have no uniform salvage titling law.

These boats are usually repaired and resold with clean titles, without disclosing previous total loss events. Many boats manufactured often contain dangerous, potentially fatal flaws. Is your boat safe? Open unfixed safety recalls can result in serious injury and sometimes death. Due to safety concerns, manufacturers report recalls every month; however, numerous flawed boats remain in the marketplace. Boats that have been submerged sustain damage that can take months to surface. Not only are boats swamped or capsized while in use, but many sink dockside as a result of heavy rains, storm surge, faulty drains or poor sealing thru-hull fittings.

The damage is not noticeable immediately, but as corrosion sets in, costly issues will continue to surface. Boat dealers and yacht brokers are not required to report seizure information to customers. Many times these boats incur serious damage during the seizing activity. Due to skilled fiberglass work, boats involved in fires may appear undamaged to the naked eye.

Once the cosmetic issues are fixed you may never know a fire had occurred. Similar to cars, boats can sustain structural damage that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Collisions cause structural damage that can jeopardize safety and will lower the resale value of the boat. The HIN may be found on the back of the boat in the uppermost right corner or under the swim platform.

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Also, the HIN may be stated on the title, registration, and insurance documents. For boats and newer, Federal regulations mandate the HIN must follow the format in the image below. Toggle navigation. Best Value. Thank you very much. You provide good service that I intend to use again. Scott, Michigan. Find Hidden Damage Click on these images to reveal the damage.

Order A Report. Know Before You Buy Check if your watercraft has been:. Back Order A Report Now.

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Know when a boat has been in an accident. Boats frequently run aground due to a miscalculation of the water's depth. Sinkings and flooding occur more frequently than you may realize. Customs and IRS Seizure. Boats are constantly seized by U. Customs due to illegal activities.