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This site charges a fee for the registration check. You can review transaction payment options on our payment methods page. Skip to content. Introduction You can check a vehicle's registration details online. A free registration check includes: the registration expiry date whether the registration is suspended or cancelled any registration restrictions any registration concessions additional charges that might apply when transferred to a new owner the Compulsory Third Party insurer and policy expiry date.

The vehicle's NSW registration plate number. Select the 'Check online' button. Enter the vehicle's NSW plate number, without spaces or dots. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions. Select the 'Next' button. Review the registration report.

Print the report by selecting the 'Print' button. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you through buying a new vehicle so you can avoid costing yourself thousands of dollars and tons of stress. Before you start looking for new vehicles that are for sale, there is some initial preparation you can do to make the rest of the process much easier. The best way to avoid overspending is by figuring out what your ideal budget should be. Remember that the purchasing price of the vehicle is not the only way that a car can cost you money.

There are also taxes, licensing fees, license plates, registration, and more:. If you wind up spending a lot more than you can afford, you can very quickly find yourself in financial trouble.

Avoid buying a car with costly hidden problems by getting a CARFAX report

So make sure you do your research and choose your car carefully. If you know your budget and already know what models you want to look for then you can skip to Step 3 below. This is an optional step for people who want to know more about what vehicles are available in the market.

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In general, you should figure out what your needs are when shopping for a new car. When doing so you should consider where you live, if you have a job that requires a certain type of vehicle, or if you want to use it for personal things like hiking or family trips. First, do a general search for news and reviews on the current or upcoming models from every brand in your price range.

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Read a few different reviews and get a feel for things that are important to you, like fuel efficiency or cargo space or the smoothness of the ride. If you find more than one vehicle that you like, you can use comparison tools to show all the important features side-by-side. You can build up a list of a few models you really like, or even just one model that you love. Now you can start searching for inventory.

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The best way to see the most current inventory is online, but it is not the only method and each has their own benefits and drawbacks. Some people search for and compare vehicles by monthly payment, if so read step 5. If you want to know when the best time of the year is to find good deals, we have a few tips on when you should be looking for good deals:.

Remember to stay within your budget!

Vehicle Registration Status

It is responsible for the regulation of automotive sales and advertising practices of car dealerships. All dealerships and their salespeople must complete an OMVIC certification course to learn the best practices of honesty and fairness. These regulations apply to Ontario car dealerships only, and not the manufacturers themselves. In general, dealers will carry at least a few of each model that the manufacturer sells. If you want a car right away, you would have to buy one of the cars they have on the lot with the trims and options that they already come with. If you want to select a trim or some options that they do not have in stock at that time, or if you want to order a custom build, it will take longer for the dealer to have it shipped to them on your behalf.

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  5. Also make sure that the seats are comfortable. If everything in your walk-around inspection passed your tests, ask the salesperson if you can take it for a test drive. You should look for the same things as you did in the inspection, with how it feels to operate it. Each dealership treats test drives differently, so here are some examples of what our Humberview Group dealerships do:.