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If you need to change your last name, you can use an online marriage name change kit. Applicants must be 18 and older, or court-emancipated minors 16 and over. A minor must have a certified copy of birth certificate, photo I. Please contact your local County Clerk office for additional information. All applicants must be present for the ceremony unless: a the absent applicant is a member of the armed forces of the United States stationed in another country in support of combat or another military operation; and unable to attend the ceremony. All other applicants will have to be present for the ceremony.

Absent Applicant Affidavit Application. An informal marriage license can be obtained and recorded by a couple who agree to be married, and after the agreement, they lived together in this state as a couple and represented to others that they were married. Both parties must be present. An absentee affidavit cannot be used for an informal marriage license. Marriage license applications may be filled out and saved online. County Courts. District Courts. Justices of the Peace.

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Brazos Housing Finance Corporation. Budget Office. Financial Reports and Budgets. They include trials for many misdemeanors and preliminary hearings of all criminal cases. Out of the 13 Texas courts named Criminal District Court, Only the Criminal District Court located in Jefferson County is the only Criminal District Court that has its jurisdiction limited to divorce, criminal, adoption, delinquent and dependent children, criminal and habeas corpus proceedings by the Texas Legislature. The remaining Criminal District Courts in Texas mostly give preference to the criminal cases.

These courts have original jurisdiction to handle probate matters in most counties.

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However, contested probate matters may sometimes be transferred to the District Court. Civil Constitutional County Courts may also handle juvenile cases in most Counties. They may also share jurisdiction with District Courts, Justice Courts, and other County Courts over some types of cases. These courts can also handle sexual assault or domestic violence protective orders. They also handle some administrative duties through County Commissioners Court for county government. They may also handle felonies and violations of safety or health ordinances. They may also handle trusts, wills, mental health proceedings, juvenile matters, child support, child custody, sexual assault or domestic violence protective orders, divorce, and guardianships.

These courts exist only in densely populated metropolitan areas, and they have jurisdiction to handle most probate matters.

In most counties, these courts have original probate jurisdiction. Typical cases Statutory Probate Courts handle include mental health proceedings, guardianships, administration of estates, the probate of wills, and certain types of civil cases connected to the administration of estates. Typical criminal cases heard by these courts include some traffic misdemeanors, preliminary hearings, and some misdemeanors without possible penalties of incarcerations. General civil cases Justice Courts handle include small claims, foreclosures of mortgages, forcible entry and detainer, and general civil claims with particular financial limits.

Justice Courts exist in every county.