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Pursuant to Section of the Public Resources Code, after March 15, , the county recorder shall record a certified resolution establishing an historical resources designation issued by the State Historical Resources Commission or a local agency, or unit thereof. For previously designated properties, the county may record the certified resolution establishing the historical resources designation upon submission. Whenever a notice is required by law to be recorded for any purpose, it shall be signed by the person giving notice or his agent.

An instrument proved and certified pursuant to Sections and of the Civil Code may be recorded in the proper office only if the original is at the same time deposited therein to remain for public inspection.

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In those counties where the photographic or microphotographic method of recording is employed, the original instrument, after recording, shall be delivered to the party leaving it for record at his last known address or upon his order. The translation shall be accompanied by a notarized declaration by the interpreter or translator that the translation is true and accurate, and includes the certification, qualification, or registration of the interpreter or translator.

The clerk shall consult an Internet Web site maintained by the Judicial Council or the American Translators Association in verifying the certification, qualification, or registration of the interpreter or translator. B Upon verification that the translation was performed by an interpreter or translator described in subparagraph A , and that the translation is accompanied by a notarized declaration as required pursuant to subparagraph A , the clerk shall duly make certification of that verification under seal of the county, attach the certification to the translation, and attach the certified translation to the original instrument.

The attached original instrument and certified translation may be presented to the recorder, and, upon payment of the usual fees, the recorder shall accept and permanently file the instrument and record the certified translation. The recording of the certified translation gives notice and is of the same effect as the recording of an original instrument. Certified copies of the recorded translation may be recorded in other counties, with the same effect as the recording of the original translation, provided, however, that in those counties where a photostatic or photographic method of recording is employed, the whole instrument, including the foreign language and the translation, may be recorded, and the original instrument returned to the party leaving it for record or upon his or her order.

In all cases the recorder shall endorse the amount of his fee for recordation on the instrument recorded. Where real property acquired by a municipality or a redevelopment agency is to be transferred in accordance with an official redevelopment plan any contract for such transfer and the official redevelopment plan or such part or parts of such contract or plan as the municipality or agency may determine may be recorded pursuant to this chapter.

The county recorder in each county shall complete a yearly statistical report of documents recorded and filed on the form herein described. Such a report shall be submitted to the office of the Insurance Commissioner. The county recorder may either charge for copies of this report or may disburse the report without fee for public information. Certified and noncertified copies of any records issued by the county recorder shall not be included in this report. The standard statistical report form shall be substantially as follows: Documents Recorded and Filed Year Deeds Deeds of Trust and Mortgages Trustee's Deeds Total number of documents recorded and filed For purposes of this article, a certificate describing real property and any lien thereon claimed pursuant to law for the costs of abatement of a nuisance upon such property, is an instrument affecting the title to or possession of such property.

Proof of service pursuant to this paragraph shall be shown by the affidavit of the person making the service, showing the time, place, and manner of service, the name and address of the person served, and any other facts necessary to show that service was made in accordance with this paragraph.

Once you have traced the ownership of your property comes the task of determining whether the previous owners were of any importance within the Los Angeles community. Los Angeles, CA Once you have compiled a chronology of ownership for your property, there are many resources available for biographical and historical research on the previous owners.

This information is important in assessing the historic or cultural value of your property. The Central Library contains a variety of useful research sources. Searching for information on an individual can be time consuming and at times return few results. The above is only a listing of what is available at the Central Library. There are many additional resources throughout the city. Birth records are available from , death records are available from , and marriage licenses from Requests for unofficial records can be made by mail or in person.

An in-person request requires a valid photo I. Births occurring before will be mailed within 15 working days. Because of the likelihood that you are not related to the person whose record you are requesting, simply state no relation. A relationship is only required if you are requesting a certified official copy of the record.

You must also submit a notarized certificate of identity, which can also be found on the website. Los Angeles Public Library Website www. While the format is scanned newspaper articles, it is nonetheless easy to search by keyword.

The city archives serve as the final repository for records of enduring political, economic, legal, and cultural value. They contain a rich, diverse collection of historical records from various city agencies. ProQuest is an online information database that allows users to search for news articles and other published material, such as journals.

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The library houses over 75, volumes in the areas of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. The architecture periodical collection is the most extensive in southern California. Contains a variety of documents relating to Southern California history, including clippings from the Los Angeles Examiner, and an extensive photograph collection.

San Francisco, CA www. The Los Angeles Conservancy is a c 3 nonprofit organization. Resource Type:.

Resource Topic:. Instead simply type the street number and street name.

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Example — Figueroa, instead of S. Your search may return multiple results. To the right will appear a panel containing the information listed above. To the left is a basic parcel map. It is usually found directly underneath the tract name or number. If there is more than one, take down both, as your property may exist on more than one tract. This information will be necessary when searching for tract maps at the Bureau of Engineering.

Note: the first number in the MB No. To access these records: Visit the public counter at the records department of the engineering bureau. A staff member will pull up the corresponding aperture cards containing original and more recent tract maps for the property. The aperture cards can be viewed on the viewers in the public area of the office.

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