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Poor behavioral controls Early behavioral problems Juvenile delinquency Revocation of conditional release Criminal versatility Many short-term marital relationships Promiscuous sexual behavior. The interesting news is that there does appear to be a recently-discovered "signature" brain wave or brain structure common to psychopathy, that could possibly help with making more accurate diagnoses and even hopefully some kind of effective treatment.

Currently there is no effective treatment for psychopathy; talk therapy only teaches the psychopath how to be a more convincingly sincere manipulator and efficient predator. Sometimes psychotic disorders respond to drug therapy anti-psychotic meds but, its not a cure-all. All these debates among us really waste our precious time. Prove there is a difference other than just what one professional has written a paper on and others then verbally regurgitate as fact. There's no need for us to run around squawking like chickens pretending that this one is "only" a narcissist with psychopathic tendencies, or that one simply has anger issues.

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Let's get to the point where part of the therapy process is an mri or its equivalent so we can truly start to help people including teaching non-psychopaths the techniques psychopaths use in order to manipulate them. An mri is far more cost effective than months or years of therapy done on someone who is dealing with a psychopath.

How much money is wasted on the "side effects" of the denial of the prevalency of psychopathy such as PTSD for its victims and the MANY other physical manifestations that this incites in its victims? Not to mention the lawsuits that take place because psychopaths love controversy and strife and attention? These are just A FEW of the many realms of life psychopathy effects. But let's go on pretending it is rare and not increasing in numbers despite the FACT that it is genetic and we are not screening for it and not forewarning others that this is even a possibility when they have a child.

And then let's force people who seek help from professionals because they are in a relationship with one or gave birth to one , to jump through hoop after hoop, diagnosis after diagnosis, all the while forcing them to take at least SOME of the blame or responsibility for their relationship after all, they ARE breathing air, so they are somehow to BLAME for this relationship even though they were never told this horrible disorder even existed outside of the most extreme cases and then let's CHARGE them for this and give them medication to keep them from seeing the truth. All this crap forced down our throats.

Mental Illness Defense: Criminal Cases

The above reply pm is typical of the runaround you will receive when you intially start to get a glimpse into the horrific world of psychopathy. They will tell you not to be too hasty in your judgement discernment of others and that "true" psychopaths are really rare. That psychopathy is not a bit rare and that evil is real and comes in human form. And then you will start to look at all the things in history that we've supposedly learned our lessons from, and you will see that it's all the same. Over and over humans repeat the same patterns.

As we become healthy physically due to abundant food and clean water supplies etc.


We think we have come so far in our own wisdom and understanding that we no longer have the need for God or his restrictive encumberments. Everything God "restricts" us in is for our own protection. Guess what? There IS nothing new under the sun as the book of Ecclesiastes tells us.

Liability without mens rea

It's all the same drivel, dressed up in a new package and presented with all the current fanfare of the present day shananigans. We also fool ourselves into thinking we have overcome when in reality the evil one has simply found a new and fun way to deceive us. And look how we all swallow it AND how we really believe that we have succeeded!

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We have once again failed to learn the most valuable lesson. That God has clearly placed a "cap" on what humans can accomplish and that their best efforts always end up destroying true goodness, righteousness and cleanliness. When will we get a handle on it? Why haven't we restrained the evil that destroys lives and souls?

How Defendants' Mental States Affect Their Responsibility for a Crime

Why and how on earth did horrors like the Holocaust occur? What's more is that we DENY that evil even exists! So here we are, blessed with technology that could protect countless people who ARE able to feel love, who can give this love to others, and who could in turn love and protect others and due to the their ability to learn from their past and others pasts as well , could possibly stem the flow of evil and turn the tide toward a world with people who could love and care for others.

But instead, we don't allow the masses access to this technology and in some cases even deny its infallibility so as to fool us into thinking we are being too hard on others.

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  • We have thousands of "experts" coming up with yet another stumbling block to keep us from actually reaching the point of truth. Well, this is exactly what psychopaths think about themselves that they alone are unique and that others are lucky to know them. But see, we live in a time where psychopaths rule are the majority so they've skewed our perception of reality.

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    And now as in the past, evil ones have used God's word as a way to abuse, manipulate and control others, so people often don't even look to God's word. There is no end to how evil destroys us. They think that IF there was a God, and if they gave themselves up to him, that would mean they are just another one of the drones who mindlessly follow something outside of themselves.

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    Is your mind twisted into a knot yet by the shifting sands of the minds of a psychopath? Good, that's JUST the way they want you to feel and think as you end up giving up and going along with thier insanity. Oh by the way, according to the latest DSM, they are not classified as insane.

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    • Sweet, no? Just a forewarning: It may not look like "success" to the world because it is not of the world, but it will give you such beautiful wisdom, unfathomable to evil psychopaths, and you will be able to let all the hatred go because it is just the CURRENT model in the long line of current models of evil. This appears to be a really comprehensive how-to guide "for making a successful insanity defence". Nice work, Anon. I particularly loved the way that you lead the reader into believing that you're a loving Christian who embodies the grace and teachings of Jesus Christ, all whilst spewing a steady torrent of vitriol towards a group of people that you subjectively regard as being inherently evil. I was particularly impressed by the manner in which you reflected upon the previous comment i. It's really neat that you're able to show your readers how to implement this trick, because it sort of goes against what the Bible, the very book you're ranting about, demands its followers to do.

      This sort of contradictory thinking is perfect for demonstrating madness, I'm telling you, If this technique doesn't land a person an acquittal based on their plea of insanity, then I don't know what will. Great tip. You made a brilliant point about how "God has clearly placed a "cap" on what humans can accomplish", which is exactly the sort of paradoxical nonsense that a truly insane person would say, since it shows a clear discordance in one's cognition, which is really all those pesky psychologist's are trying to establish.

      I mean, it's really creative to draw on unfalsifiable claims to provoke that sort of correlative-chaos in a person's mind, because 'God either placed the "cap" on humans when he created them, or God is the "cap" that human's placed on themselves when they created Him', right? I'm sure that if the actor can pull this off as well as you do here, there's a surely a chance that everybody in the courtroom will begin to question the nature of their own reality. I love it. I'd love to hear if anybody has Anon's methods in their insanity defence, and if they have any pointers on what worked well for them.

      Holy cow, man. Are you projecting bizarre, paranoid feelings of your own into my post? Your response makes no sense! Like you, of course I think psychopaths are dangerous; they do evil things, and I believe there are more of them in the population than the statistic show. And as I wrote, its a promising development that there are now technologies like real time 3-D computerized brain scans that appear able to show a "signature" pattern or wave that psychopathic brains have. Please re-read my post and you'll see that I am not in any way defending psychopathy or those with psychotic disorders.

      And why on earth would you have anything against Dr. Robert Hare? He's leading the fight to better understand and diagnose psychopathy, so that hopefully perhaps one day psychopathy can be cured or even prevented. I was simply pointing out in my earlier post that "psychopathy" and "psychosis" are not the same thing. Toast fowl is going worked right the way through, Use a competent regulation is enabling 20 uni jordan cement 3 for sale ts concerning gary or 20 min extra cash.

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