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By inputting your PIN or address a property report is generated. The report provides the current assessment, the drawing and dimensions of your home, and the characteristics mentioned above. Living Area — Square Footage.

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The main characteristic used to determine your assessed value is square footage of your home. We use the external dimensions of your property to compute its size.

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My office has finished re-inspecting and re-measuring each and every home in the Township — over 13, homes! Our intent was to find and correct any errors in the external dimensions. However if you feel there is an error contact my office and we can re-inspect your property.

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Number of Bedrooms. A common misconception is the value is based on the number of bedrooms. This is not true. Bedrooms can be a large or small as a homeowner chooses. For our purposes bedroom count is an informational data field. Uniformity Appeal. One of the most important aspect in assessing property is equal treatment between properties to equability distribute the tax burden or simply uniformity. The Lake County web site provides the ability to check uniformity.

From the County web site three properties can be compared in a grid format.

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For each property, fields such as living square footage, age, total market value and price per square foot can be compared. It is important to try to stay within your immediate neighborhood and try to find houses that are the most similar to yours. For example if you live in a 1 story home, compare only to other 1 story homes. You can contact my office for further information.

Were there any permits filed recently on the property indicating repairs and maintenance work? What is the official size square footage of the property?

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How does the home's sales history look, judging from the available property deed records? Get answers to these questions using PropertyShark, so you can confidently make your home buying decision.

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Today we protect nearly 31, acres and are the second largest Forest Preserve District in Illinois. They guide the agency's mission and approve all land acquisitions, restoration and improvement projects, educational and cultural programs, the annual budget and other administrative actions. These same officials also serve as County Board members, overseeing all other aspects of Lake County government.

Each member of our Board serves on one or more standing committees, and may also be appointed by the president to special committees. All of our meetings are open to the public and we welcome public comment.