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Unfortunately, Washington D. Criminal Justice Quick Facts. District of Columbia Prisoner Statistics by Gender. District of Columbia Parole Population.

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District of Columbia parole population as of the beginning of counted 4, people, paroles per Paroles per Parole Total Population in District of Columbia. Change in , in Percentage and Number Visitors are not allowed inside the secure perimeter of the facility without the direct supervision of an officer. Privileges such as telephone access, visitation, contact visitation, etc. All new inmates receive a copy of the Inmate Handbook containing the rules and regulations of the facility.

Families, friends, etc. Century Link is the current inmate phone system provider.

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Century Link contact information is on the left side of this web page. Outgoing calls are typically made collect or through a pre-paid account.

At no time are incoming calls accepted for inmates, nor are messages taken. All calls made from inmate telephones are subject to monitoring and recording. If you are receiving unwanted calls, please forward a written request that your number be blocked from our system. MAIL Inmates are only allowed to receive letters while incarcerated in this facility.

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At no time are packages, boxes, and etc. All mail received by inmates is opened and inspected.

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Indigent inmates are provided three 3 letters per week. Hand delivered mail; notes, pictures, etc.

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At the county level, jail records are usually maintained by the county sheriff. Here again, online searching is often possible and results may include inmate name, incarceration date, expected release date, type of offense and sometimes photos of the offender. Where online searching is not available, inmate information may be obtained by contacting the sheriff's office or the state Department of Corrections.

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