How to find people in invisible mode

Not every discord server is created with such freedom of privacy in mind. Many games require activity of its players.

Invisible mode

Being invisible is the opposite of it. Having too much privacy will harm the other players in the server. Why would you be a silent reader in a server that was designed for you to be active and communicate? That is selfish in my opinion. Privacy that violate other's right should not permitted. This chat application is predominantly for games and as such, there are games where people infiltrate and hide under their invisible status on enemy discord servers. Normally I would advocate for respecting peoples privacy but in the gaming world full of spies it's worthwhile being able to dictate how you want your server run.

It's dishonest and discourteous for someone to use discord invisibly. Server staff benefit from knowing who of their staff and members is online, and when they're online. Role-play has been blossoming on Discord, and we who own those Servers dislike people being dishonest about when they're offline or online. If Discord needs to roll out a feature that auto-denies calls and the like, so be it. I'm just left with little recourse when people are part of a server that is highly participatory, and they want to hide their presence from everybody.

It's super sketchy, and there has to be a better way for people to express that they want left alone than to run around Discord with a glorified Invisibility Cloak on at all times, and some don't have the presence of mind to distinguish between is and when ISN'T an appropriate time to use it.

Some of these users may be so young that they are violating Discord's Terms of Use just by using the app.

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If you don't want people to read the channel's chat while they are being invisible you could get a bot that sets their role to "offline" and removes ability to read messages in that chat as long as they are "offline". In my personal opinion, if we can't know if someones invisible or not, we should at least have the option to block users from accessing the server completely until they are "online". Any other server: i can still chat because i have full access to discord so im not being sneaky or sketchy because i will be able to talk and let others know that im online A public server for anyone: do you really think theyll care if one guy out of all their members is offline?

How to Be Invisible on Skype While Remaining Active? | Tom's Guide Forum

For example: on snapchat since i use that a lot people dont usually care to be unseen from viewing your story but might want to avoid reading a message you sent because they will have there reasons! One possible compromise would be to have a channel setting to block invisible users from posting in that channel.

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I don't see any reasonable way to enforce this for reading a channel, but it would be reasonable to not allow invisible users to talk in a channel. Seems like an invasion of privacy but I can understand there are certain uses for it as each server is different.

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I suppose if anyone has issues they can just avoid the servers using it, I know I would. You guys are seeming to forget that Discord is widely used by all kinds of people nowadays, not just gamers.

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