How to find name given ip address

Reverse DNS Lookup

If the remote host is up, it will return a network packet; if not, it may be a sign that the host is unreachable, down or simply that the ICMP response is disabled by firewall rules on the destination server. Ultimately, the main goal of Ping is to resolve the IP address of any host, as you see below:.

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This way you can perform a simple domain IP lookup. The Ping command can also be used against IP addresses—just replace the target for any IP address, as shown below:.

In the previous example, dig was querying against the A DNS record type, which answered back showing the This tool is mostly used while running network diagnostics and system administration tasks, often to query DNS servers as a way to grab the IP address behind a host. One way to use the host command to perform an IP lookup is to query against an IP address.

Convert Host Name to IP Address or Vice Versa

You can also use it bidirectionally when querying hostnames — host can help security researchers perform DNS lookups to translate hostnames into IP addresses, and vice versa. As you see, you obtained the main IP address Other times, it will connect to whois. When it comes specifically to IP lookups in this case bgpview.

SUBNETTING In Computer Network - How To Find Subnet Mask, Network ID, Host IP Address & Broadcast ID

Nowadays, network, domain and IP history are critical for investigating any infosec incident, offering the information needed to expose useful information such as where the domain was hosted, technical and personal details about the person involved, where the web servers were hosted, or what MX servers were used to send an email. You can do it by using our web-based interface, or by API.

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By using our API you can accomplish the same results. Our API supports a wide range of programming languages and integrations , but for this quick example we will launch a query against our database using the old terminal-based curl utility:.

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How to Use Nslookup - Beginners Guide

A real-time map of the geographical IP address origin will be displayed as well. The same applies to IP ranges—you can extract all the intel about any IP range in the world. The filter lets you order results by hostname, Alexa rank, computed company name, registrar, expiry date, creation date, mail and hosting provider. Steve McDonnell's experience running businesses and launching companies complements his technical expertise in information, technology and human resources.

IP Lookup: Exploring the Top 8 Ways to Perform an IP Address Lookup

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Querying DNS 1. Without DNS 1. Tip The Group entry from the "nbtstat" approach tells you the name of the computer's workgroup. Resources 1 Network-Tools: NsLookup.