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As does Josh W. Examples: " Examples: "How does a lonely, single nerd become the antichrist of the internet? I know, having an anti-MySpace link is good because it represents another view on the subject, but that website is vile, disgusting and full of personal, clearly subjective hate. I also would like to point out that children use Wikipedia and the kind of language that web site uses is definitely not suitable for them.

Just because wikipedia doesnt enforce a rule doesnt mean you cant be an upstanding citizen yourself and refrain from exposing youth to biased trash like the above link. I agree with many of the points, yet its hard to recognize its truth when its mixed with evil and hateful remarks. I agree. There is a difference between not being censored, and linking to a site that is rife with profanity at the expense of objective content.

Dansiman , 26 February UTC. I also think that the link should be removed and those girls who made the site should be investigated, because of people like them, they give us Myspace users a BAD NAME and that's, if I'm not mistaken, libel or slander. Myspace is just another alternative to LiveJournal, Facebook, MyLivingTree or any of those other sites that allow people to communicate. Truth be told, its actually a more in-depth way of instant messaging, is it not? Myspace doesn't make sick people, sick people waste their time bashing a website.

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Who's with me? E-mail thedeadirishpoet yahoo. While I find that site hysterically funny, it's more or less a site to visit and laugh at, not a site providing legitimate complaints about MySpace. If this article wants to provide a link to a site that provides common criticisms of myspace, that's fine, but this site is just taking humorous cheap shots.

On my MySpace page, one of my friends left me a bulletin saying that Taylor Behl 's killer was somebody who she had met over MySpace. I haven't done much further looking into the story to see if this is true or not. Is that really the case? By the way, here is the posting:. Kara Borden , a year-old from Lititz, Pa. It contains information that can be added to this article. I have decided not to post anything for 1 I'm lazy right now, and 2 I'm not sure if it, and others, should be on this article.

However, Myspace's members represent a very wide range of social groups.

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There are members of all races, sexual preferences, interests, political persuasions, religions, etc. It seems it was added back even though somebody above had already removed it. I agree that this section probably doesn't belong here - it's never really going to be meaningfully verifiable and will just target random attacks. The history section is overlong and badly written so I think it needs replacing with something else. I suggest we go for a short list of when various features were added or even include a features section and insert the date they were implimented after each entry.

What does everyone think?

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I was going to be bold and do it all now but there's so much information there it's hard to do it in one go and it's a pretty big change to the article. Opinions and suggestions would therefore be useful. Jellypuzzle , 16 December UTC.

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  5. Jellypuzzle , 29 December UTC. I currently and probabily never will post on these groups for copyrights reason. I did receive an invitation today which triggered me to read some of the articles on wikipedia about these groups. All of them are silent about this issue. Since some people might end up on those groups from a wikipedia referral, wouldn't mentioning the problem with these group feature prominently on the articles here?

    I think some consensus ought to be reached on here regarding whether or not the "emo scene" should be mentioned. Changing the wikilink from "alternative" to point to alternative rock rather than the alternative culture I set it as could work but that might not be enough if someone thinks it is worth an even larger mention.

    I've had a MySpace profile for quite a while and haven't personally noticed any more "emo kids" than any other group of people but I could just be missing it by just viewing things asociated with my clique. Debating through edit summaries really isn't the best way to solve such things. What about simply saying that MySpace has its own unique culture or subculture? Dansiman , 23 February UTC.

    The current article doesn't seem to fairly balance the postive and negative aspects of MySpace. I'd call it "Stellar Rise of MySpace" and discuss the fact that this is a phenomenon, 45 million in 2 years is uncommon, right? This is a major community venue.

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    What about a valuation of MySpace itself in addition to current valuation of parent company? Allude to the system strain due to it's rapid growth. Popularity doesn't means something inherently important or beneficial,as for example drinking beer which is popular alchoholic beverage in many countries. Myspace doesn't provide something unique or beneficial and its substandard choice for online communication although popular.

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    It's a vague claim - "some people post nude pics" - the same thing could be said of any website-host or blogging service. Is there any notable controversy surrounding this, for example criticism from the media or other organisations? Just because something is technically true doesn't make it encyclopedic - and this statement only becomes true through the use of weasel words.

    Does this paragraph actually tell the reader anything useful?

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    Mdwh , 17 January UTC. A cursory google showed me quite a few incidences on Myspace of nudity, and even a couple of people noting that Myspace didn't enforce the policy. I think it's fair to mention it. I've added a source to the section and removed "most". Yes, it can be said of most hosting services.

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    If people note that they also contain nudity, that should be included in their articles too. Many feel that the networking function of MySpace is useless, due to the fact that when a new user creates a MySpace, he or she is automatically friends with site founder Tom.

    Myspace Friend Id

    Many people never delete Tom from their friends list, so it is almost impossible to find someone who is not in your personal network because of this. I take it that the first 'many' are different people from the second 'many'. In which case who are the first 'many' who worry that the second 'many' can't find people who aren't their friends? Mark 1 , 2 February UTC.

    How To Find Your Friend ID On Myspace

    Okay, yes, MySpace has faced a lot of criticism. I find it unfair. This article should focus more on what MySpace is and not what some people think MySpace is supposed to be. I would agree that the criticism does somewhat appear to have taken over the article, and I would agree it reads much more as a criticism than an NPOV encyclopedia article. I have just removed the sections criticising the search system and the fact that user's dates of birth are not verified. I felt that neither really added to the article other than increasing the amount of criticism and their content was not particularly encyclopedic or verifiable - merely the opinion of some users.

    I also merged the educational settings section with the previous bullying section which also talked about schools blocking access. I removed the speculation about why schools might do this, since it didn't appear to have been verified. I hope no-one objects to these changes particularly, and if anyone does I would urge them to discuss a reversion here to gain consensus before adding such sections back.