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These 28 Vinyl Records Are Worth a Combined $1.9 Million

For all I know, it was the same copy I sold. I listened to it twice, didn't like it, never got around to listening to it again, and finally cleared it out along with a bunch of other indie-rock vinyl I'd bought in the last decade but never liked. At first, I thought I had misread the price tag. That had to be a mistake. I asked the guy at the counter how they came up with that price, and he said that there are various record guides, and that I should really do my research before selling anything.

I know I looked it up on eBay, but turned up blank, so I mistook the lack of supply for lack of demand.

Still, it gives you an idea what people have been asking for a particular title. Did it have the poster?

I'm pretty sure it did. In later years he would play with the Stray Cats and mentor the Blasters.

Vinyl Records Value – What Are Your Records Worth?

But the record company objected. Instead the cover was drawn by artist Robert Crumb.

How to identify a vinyl record

Perhaps one of the unlikeliest people to have a collectible record is John Kerry, a U. Secretary of State and former senator from Massachusetts and one-time presidential nominee.

Vinyl Records Value – How Much Are Your Records Worth?

His band, the Electras, released a self-titled instrumental album in Kerry played bass. It was D. Credit was given to Jean Murray as to avoid any hint of payola.

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Both are shown here. Even rarer would be an original copy on Columbia records. That was quickly followed by the version with Bill Haley and His Comets. Skip to content. November 7, Records of the Day Posted on November 7, Here are the 2 best ways to find the value of any record! Posted on November 7, November 6, Records of the Day Posted on November 6, November 5, Record of the Day Posted on November 5, November 4, Records of the Day Posted on November 4,

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