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The reports promised an almost crystal-ball view into the history of a vehicle. Sellers could no longer hide accidents, major repairs or faulty odometers.

Here is How to Read a Carfax Report | Auto City

However, we do think used-car buyers need to realize a Carfax report is not the last word. It can be a useful tool, but it has limitations. Carfax reports glean data from a number of sources. Among others, these include:.

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The data are then compiled into reports that disclose title transfers, odometer readings, manufacturer recalls and whether the vehicle has been reported stolen. In theory, it also should say whether a vehicle has been in an accident or needed significant repairs.

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However, this last point is where the Carfax report may fall short. Carfax might not know about the time the car went into the ditch or backed into a tree. We will let Consumer Reports explain some of the limitations of car history reports:. We found that the reports were most likely to be incorrect for vehicles that had serious damage but for various reasons were not declared a total loss. Clean-title wrecks, especially those with clear history reports, are popular at auctions because buyers can repair the vehicles and then resell them to unsuspecting consumers.

How do I get a free Carfax report?

Check multiple services. Go ahead and use its report, but double-check the findings with other reports that may get data from different sources. Could it cost you a little money?

go to site Here are a few other sites that provide vehicle reports and vehicle identification number, or VIN, checks. Get it inspected.

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  • More than 60% of all used cars imported from the U.S. to Europe have a negative history.

Have a trusted mechanic test-drive and check a used vehicle before purchase to rule out any obvious problems. Get it in writing.

Free Carfax Resources for Owners and Buyers

Some states — North Carolina, for example — require sellers to disclose many types of damage in writing. Sellers who balk at such requests may have reason to believe there is something wrong with the vehicle. That is not because the salesmen are lying, the dealership itself may not have told them the car has been in an accident," said Gayle.

Gayle's clients are not the only ones complaining. We drove to their Northern Virginia headquarters for some answers. Larry Gamache is the communications director. It claims to be the most trusted provider of vehicle information.

How To Read A Vehicle History Report (CARFAX, AutoCheck)

With those claims, we wanted to know why there are so many complaints about unreliable reports? That is true because you may not have gotten the information that the car has been in an accident. Make sure you test drive the car and take it to a trusted mechanic before you spend your money.

information in CARFAX vehicle history reports

Remember, if you are sold a car with a clean CARFAX, and later discover the car's history is blemished you can take legal action. You can get not only your money back but your damages. You can also get punitive damages to punish the dealer for lying to you and intentionally cheating you.

Your legal fees are also paid for," said Gayle. There are other sites that you can use to check a car's history.