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Three ways to search for people.

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Last name not required. What We Don't Like Sponsored links blend in with real information. Visit TruePeopleSearch. What We Like Only requires the name not location.

Shows very basic information for free. Lets you pay to find loads of information. What We Don't Like Requires a paid membership to see most of the results. Takes about 15 minutes to finish the whole search. Visit TruthFinder. What We Like Reveals personal details most people search tools don't include. Unique filtering options. A search can yield too many results to narrow down quickly. Inaccurate results if user omitted information from their profile. Visit Facebook. What We Like Four ways to search for people.

Gathers information from multiple sources.

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Several ways to pay for reports. Sometimes offers really cheap reports. What We Don't Like You must pay to see the results.

Results take several minutes to populate. Visit BeenVerified. What We Like Near-instant results. Provides some information for free. What We Don't Like Free report has few details. Not as up to date as similar sites. Lots of ads. Visit Zabasearch. What We Like Easy to use. Direct results. No user account needed to view results.

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What We Don't Like Results limited to professional details. No filtering options to help narrow down the results. Our Review of LinkedIn. Visit LinkedIn. What We Like Multiple ways to search for people. Basic results are free. Pulls data from other sites. Useful search refining tools. What We Don't Like Fewer useful results than similar websites. Full of advertisements. PeekYou also lets you search for people by name and phone number.

Visit PeekYou. What We Like Relatively inexpensive reports. Explains what the report did and didn't find before you pay. Basic results are revealed quickly. What We Don't Like Must pay for deeper information. Emailing the report costs more. Visit PeopleFinders. What We Like Find phone numbers and email addresses. Huge number of results. Cheapest plan allows for searches every month. What We Don't Like No free results; must pay for any details. Built for business users, so membership fees aren't cheap. Visit Pipl. Continue Reading.

Can someone track me with only my phone number?

Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Lifewire, you accept our. A username search is one way to find someone online. If all you have is their username, and no real name or any other identifiable information, running a reverse search on the username might dig up more details on who the person is. Finding someone by their username isn't as effective as other people finding techniques, but if it's all you have to go off of, you can definitely start your search that way. The information in this article is meant for entertainment and educational purposes only.

It shouldn't be used inappropriately. Even though it's a poor habit that impacts web privacy, most people use the same username on multiple websites. Similar to an email address , some people have just one username because remembering separate screen names for every website they use can be confusing. You can take advantage of this to find all the websites the person is using that username on.

In fact, if one website that uses that same username, also has other details on the person like their real name or address, your username search might quickly turn into an extremely effective way to find all about someone using only their username. If you're someone who uses the same username on multiple sites, and you want to fix that, consider using a username generator. Enter the username into the URL of a social media website. For example, to run the username search on Twitter , enter twitter. Google Social Search is a helpful way to search the username across several social media sites at once.

Use a web search engine to scour the web for that username. Just enter the screen name into the search box to see what comes up. A search engine like Google is one of the best ways to cross-reference the username with multiple websites at once, including social media sites, forums, music and video streaming sites, comments, personal blogs , and more. Use a people search engine that supports reverse username searches, or try a username lookup tool. BeenVerified not free is another people finder that lets you search by username, and it can return all sorts of information like past physical addresses, relatives, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Search specific sites for the username. Sometimes, a search engine won't dig up data on a specific website, but if that site has its own search function, you might have luck using it to find more information about the person from their username. For example, you can search Spotify for a username through a Spotify search like this:.