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Fast Download has some basic requirements. If you have a dedicated game server, you will most likely have the resources to make a fast download server.

Webspace is required for a place to store the files so the client can download them. It is suggested that you have at least 1GB of space on the server, and at least 20GB of Bandwidth for a small server. Setting up the initial configuration for Fastdownload is easy enough. In that, add the following lines below:.

And there you have it. The first part of Fast Download has been set up. It's now on to configuring the Webspace and preparing it to be used.

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However, it can only mirror certain folders for it to function. These are:. Often there is content that a server owner will want clients to have however source does not automatically force these to be downloaded. Using resource. AddFile this can be forced and the files sent. The following content will not automatically be sent:. This file s is autogenerated by your server each time it starts. It is important that the cache file is on the Fast Download server for without it the client will not see the gamemode correctly and will be given a warning about the server cache being misconfigured.

Maps will automatically be downloaded from the server if the file is placed on the Web Server. There are even tricks to help them download faster, however that will be discussed further on. For some, this can be slightly complex to understand. The Addons folder is "emulated" if you like in game to be the garrysmod folder, which is how the content is used and sent.

You can keep the addon normally on the game server, but on the webserver the extraction must occur. Look below for an example. You do not actually need to upload any gamemode files whatsoever to Fast Download. For example:. Content works similar to that of the addon format. If you can understand one, you can understand the other.

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That is the general usage of Fast Download covered. However, below is some help, along with some tricks you can use to help your server and your players in the long run. SourceRSC can update your fast download server automatically. If custom content is missing from the fast download server it will bzip the files, create the appropriate folder structure, and properly 'virtualize' the addons and gamemodes folders on the fast download server.

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Supports accessing the game and fastdownload server locally or with FTP. Change language.

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Install Steam. Store Page. Garry's Mod Store Page. Global Achievements. Help with GMOD multiplayer!! Everyone can see IP address and port but, says "server not responding".

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Me and couple friends are trying to play GMOD togather, it worked for a couple of days and now won't work at all. Shut down your G-Mod server, and type your IP address in your web browser to open your router configuration.

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You can find your IP address by typing "ipconfig" in the "Command Prompt" window. Click the "Port Forwarding" tab in your router configuration; you should see several rows of empty boxes. Save the new "Port Forwarding" settings, and close your router configuration. Relaunch your G-Mod server to begin playing multiplayer.

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