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To make it fit properly, be sure to take the suit to a reputable tailor.

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What time is it? Whether it is a minimalist watch or a Rolex , finding a timepiece that suits you can instantly make you look and feel dapper. Choose colours that flatter every season, such as the classic tortoiseshell or simple black frames. Just be sure to double check the dress code before attending. There are several types of shirts that you can choose from, and that suit a myriad of occasions.

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  6. For the workplace or a semi-forma l event, opt for a traditional Oxford button-down. Neutral shades are the best option, as they flatter every season and look fantastic when paired with a suit or some jeans.


    Not only do they complete an outfit and make you look polished, but they also offer great support for your feet and help maintain proper balance. When choosing a pair , opt for something that suits a myriad of occasions, such as dark leather dress shoes or a Chelsea boot. Rocking brown or black shades flatter other colours such as cream, navy and traditional tones so you can wear them with almost anything.

    For casual days, some sleek sneakers are a trendy but stylish choice, which will also keep you comfortable all day. This is so you can keep wearing them with pride for several years. Invest in a cleaning kit so you can keep them looking their best.

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    Opt for an everyday t-shirt underneath, some chinos and sneakers for a relaxed and fresh aesthetic. You can smarten up a winter look by pairing a wool blazer over a hoodie and jeans. No matter how you style it, this outerwear can create a sophisticated and laid-back outfit for any occasion.

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    5. Accessories can make or break an outfit. Simple touches like these can tie an entire look together, without making you feel overdone.


      Mix things up a bit and watch the compliments fly in. From skincare to shaving, there are plenty of ways you can maintain your outer appearance. Not only will you look your best, but you can also feel great on the inside.

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      Keep your skin supple and fresh by using a moisturiser and serums daily. Prevent shaving rash by using calming treatments prior. Personal hygiene is a crucial step, so be sure that you wear deodorant every day to smell clean.

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      Get all the latest must-read content direct to your inbox each week! Contents 1 How to Dress Well 1. Having a smaller collection of clothes that you really love , and that you know how to style, can take all the stress out of getting dressed. If in doubt, keep it simple with some classics you know always work:.

      Every woman knows the rule: Have nothing on the calendar and you'll see gorgeous dresses everywhere, that suit you down to the ground. But as soon as you need a dress for an event, you won't find a single one. So if you spot the holy grail of dresses that works with your new style , makes you feel great , and is comfortable before you need it: Buy it!

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      Then it's already there, when that big event is sprung upon you. We know it can be tricky to get your style groove back after becoming a mum, but even treating yourself to one piece can make more of a difference to your confidence than you'd like to admit! Do you have any advice for other mums about rediscovering your style? What are your favourite items in your wardrobe?

      We'd love to hear! Share this article to connect with everymum on Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and Pinterest. She has three awesome nieces, and has accidentally worn the same outfit as them on at least one occasion. Emily likes making things, including hand-drawn cards, and a darn good chocolate cake. She still sounds very English, despite living in Dublin for the last nine years.