Cell phone looks like land line

The cost of this device is included in your monthly bill. However, some companies do business a different way: They sell you the ATA up front, then provide phone service at little to no cost.

Pocket Landline, starting from only £10 a month

Over the long run, this can work out to be even cheaper than paying for VoIP service by the month. There are several stand-alone ATAs on the market with varying prices and capabilities. One major difference between them is the type and number of phone ports they offer. You connect your phone to this port instead of the wall jack, and the ATA receives the phone signal and converts it to a digital signal. The main advantage of using an ATA for your phone service is its low cost. Very few monthly VoIP services can beat that price.

How to use your MOBILE Cell Phone for LANDLINE Telephone calls.

The longer you keep using your ATA, the more cost-effective it becomes. It requires a reliable broadband connection, it leaves you vulnerable to power outages, and you may not be able to get reliable service. Like a monthly VoIP service, an ATA can be a good choice if you have a reliable Internet connection at home and a mobile phone to use as a backup in case of interruptions in your power or Internet service. And since the cost savings of an ATA can be even higher than those of a monthly VoIP service, it can be a good deal for you even if the current cost of your landline is pretty low. If you spend a lot of time traveling overseas, a magicJack Go could be a good investment.

The amount you save each year by calling home for free could be enough to pay for the device, even if you hardly ever use it at home. Their better call quality, reliability, and service should be enough to justify the cost.

5 reasons to keep a home phone and not go mobile - Consumer Reports

After all, nearly half of all Americans still have landline phones, and many of them have good reasons for holding on to them. People interviewed by CBS give several reasons for preferring to have a landline. One person said she likes having it as a backup in case a cell phone gets lost or damaged. Another relies on landline service for his home security system. Also, for some people, a landline phone simply feels more comfortable. Between mobile phones, VoIP service, and ATAs, you can likely find some way to connect for less money without sacrificing quality and reliability. All Rights Reserved.

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Cordless quality. Cellular convenience.

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Cutting back on landline costs doesn't have to mean skimping on landline quality. Since Connect to Cell technology works with or without a subscription to your local telephone company, it's great for cellular-only households, too.

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Download Mobile Contacts. Have a hard time remembering phone numbers? With Connect to Cell, you don't have to.

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