6 year old mother looking for hannah montana tickets

Do not ask me for my best offer or what I am willing to pay. Such anger has prompted action by politicians such as Missouri Atty. Jay Nixon, who pounced on the issue by filing lawsuits against three out-of-state ticket brokers selling seats to the Kansas City show.

Brokers snatch joy from Hannah Montana fans

Officials close to the tour disputed that characterization they said tickets would have been released anyway , but Nixon probably scored points with some exasperated parents in the Show-Me State. More than that, her TV show has been a weekly advertisement for the tour. That makes her famous with little ones even if adults are scratching their heads. The tour kicks off in St.

Mom apologizes for Hannah Montana essay

Louis on Oct. The resale frenzy is making other top touring acts this year -- the Police, Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen and Beyonce -- seem so last century. On Stubhub. Less than half of the tickets are sold through the fan club. Presale seats for Miley's Sunrise show sold out in hours. They struck out working the phones and computer for tickets to the South Florida show.

But a family member in Newark got tickets that coincide with their holiday visit. Although not as well known as John Carpenter or Brian DePalma, Fred Walton brilliantly complicates that old mystery -- is the killer in the house?

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After some adventurous wilderness time, Mikal Cronin builds on his indie rock style to draft a compelling new direction with Seeker. The Doors' fourth album was a deeply polarizing work and perhaps their most difficult to love.

But the 50 th anniversary deluxe edition goes a long way in spotlighting its many highlights. Magdalene makes an unpredictable turn wherein FKA twigs traverses an introverted dimension of her vision through a minimalist perspective and a sense of controlled extravagance.

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In The Man Without Talent , Tadao Tsuge captures the element of fantasy reflected in the childish utopianism of free market capitalism and the committed entrepreneurs who are its happy-go-lucky evangelists. BAILE's "Winte" is a richly detailed electronic piece that sees him connecting the dots between the organic and the synthetic. How are humans regulating the internet through hashtags? What kind of algorithms are generating the content in your feeds? Best read Elizabeth Losh's Hashtag. William Doyle speaks to PopMatters about the end of East India Youth, his experience of living in the suburbs, and how his new album, Your Wilderness Revisited , came into being.

A flop in , but now looked on as one of popular music's finest albums, does this expansive 4AD reworking of Gene Clark's No Other confirm its greatness, or reveal a case of the emperor's new clothes?

Jam rock quartet Circles Around the Sun carry on after the shocking suicide of founding guitarist Neal Casal and deliver an uplifting show of healing transcendence. Grammy-winner Billy Vera spent years working in the Speciality Records vaults and remains close to label founder Art Rupe. Are the new rehearsal tracks enough to justify buying the album again? In a society of things, social responsibility requires a recognition of the influence of commodities upon our most foundational spiritual experiences.

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Nickelodeon's animated series, Rocko's Modern Life, puts it simply. Ambient country band SUSS' co-founder, Bob Holmes discusses the seemingly unlikely but ultimately necessary marriage of music that marries the imagined America of the past and present. Ghostly International took over three of Chicago's best artistic spaces, the Metro, Smart Bar, and Notre Shop, to celebrate the culture and communities that supported their legendary year creative mission.

Veteran singer-songwriter and Winterpills frontman, Philip B. Price creates an album inspired by environmental concerns. Hear Bone Almanac ahead of its 8 November release. Federal District Court in Los Angeles against a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, software company that it claims developed software for ticket brokers that illegally "allows them to cut in line", said Ticketmaster vice president Joe Freeman.

The software company, RMG Technologies, denies that allegation. It says the company should not be held accountable because Ticketmaster is getting paid for the tickets it sells.


Fans find Hannah Montana tickets out of reach - PopMatters

But the auction, AEG concedes, was not for the average fan. If the tickets go to brokers, then they pay a lot of money for them. And if the brokers are going to end up with the tickets, then the artist should get paid for them,"said Rathwell, whose company is handling the Montana tour. The Hannah Montana concert ticket debacle also has gotten the attention of law enforcement.

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Attorneys general in Arkansas and Missouri have filed a suit accusing ticket brokers of illegally reselling tickets to Montana's "Best of Both Worlds Tour. You get charged too much, and there's no access for the locals," said Jay Nixon, Missouri's attorney general. Experts say Disney and the Hannah Montana franchise are victims, too, but they see nothing that will hurt the Disney brand.

Billy Ray Cyrus , Miley's dad, has commented on the issue. We put together a concert tour, and I was really excited about Miley going out and playing for the fans," he said. It's for the kids and all the families that are watching Hannah Montana. A Disney representative told CNN, "It's really unfortunate, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. These inflated costs only benefit the brokers.